Remember the eyes….

Remember the eyes which have had welcomed you to this world with love and warmth; Remember the eyes which have witnessed all your mischieves as sibblings; Remember the eyes which have always tried their best to mould a better person out of you as your teachers; Remember the eyes which have had both the tears […]

via Remember the eyes….. — Arunima Ghosh


Remember the eyes…..


Remember the eyes

which have had welcomed you to this world with love and warmth;


Remember the eyes

which have witnessed all your mischieves as sibblings;


Remember the eyes

which have always tried their best to mould a better person out of you as your teachers;


Remember the eyes

which have had both the tears of your joys and sadness as your best friends;


Remember the eyes 

which have had touched your soul for the first time as your soulmate;


Remember the eyes

which have scrutinized you back at office;

Bride and groom on beachrear view

Remember the eyes

which have seen all the ups and downs of your life and stayed with you and trusted your decisions                                                                                                               as your consort;


For those eyes are beautiful and they looked for the good in you……


What your heart says?

Do have the same question in your mind? Well the answer is easy to get. Get up from where are sitting…walk out of the room…stand under the open night sky…. spread your arms….take a deep breath….close your eyes….If u see a clear image of achieving something… thats the actual aim of your life because that is the only thing you love and its obvious,you cannot stay calm without achieving it.

Its really that easy to speak to your heart but the thing which actually matters is the  way you choose,its your decision buddy… Good luck 🙂

The thread……bond of love

I personally know many people those who have different opinions about the festive ” Raksha Bandhan”. We hear a lot of stories concerning its origin.Different communities have different stories to share But all of us will agree to this basic idea that we celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters on this day. Some people believe that when a sister ties the raksha dhaga on her brother’s wrist,then it becomes the brother’s duty to protect his sister.On the other hand,some people believe that a sister ties the raksha dhaga on her brother’s wrist and prays to the Almighty to keep her brother safe. Am writing this post to share a cute incident which will probably bring a smile on your face.

I went to my college (Charuchandra College) to celebrate the festive this year. It was really an awesome day spent at my college and to top it all, our seniors cooked for us and all of us had our lunch together. All most all the seniors (boys) were wearing dozens of raksha dhaga and they were actually feeling proud to have so many sisters.

It was near about 5:30 p.m,I was returning home from my college. On my way, I saw a little girl (approx: 9 years) and a little boy (approx:5 years), they were standing in front of a shop,where designed raksha dhaga were being sold. The first thing that I observed were,they were wearing torn and dirty clothes, the little boy had drainy nose,  it was also understandable that they were hungry. They were asking for money from the pedestrians,but none of the pedestrians paid any heed to them. To speak the truth, I wanted to buy something for them to eat. The little girl came forward and said ”O didi,5 taka debe?” (will you please give me five rupees?)… I couldn’t say,NO. I handed out to her a five rupees coin. She took the money, caught hold of  the little boy’s hand and went to the shopkeeper  and bought a raksha dhaga and tied it on the little boy’s wrist. Both of them were extremely happy even though they had nothing to gift one another except love. 

They smiled back at me and that smile was priceless…… 🙂 mk

                        thlptttttttttthe llilbbbbbbboy’

The Selfless Love

   love  We celebrate Valentine’s Day with great pomp but somewhere among the gifts,roses and teddies we tend to forget the 

actual meaning of love. Am not a philosopher but a student of high-school,and according to me love is actually very simple but

we give it touch of complication with our complicated thoughts,and blame the Love God for being blind and curse him for aiming

at us. A cute smile is enough that a couple can gift each other, I don’t think anything more is required for the people in love.

We make love seem very materialistic by spending a lot of money on buying gifts, but instead of spending money,we should

spend time with each other. Gifts won’t last longer but the time spent together will last forever. Love is simple,let it be as it is,

don’t try to make it look gorgeous with the help of your fake promises.  

And yes…. Love cannot be bought with money….. 

Sitting beside you…….

   Am talking to you

but you are searching for someone else to speak to….

   Am waiting only for you

but you want you want someone else to wait for you….

Am yelling out that only you have my attention

but you are in need of someone else’s attention…..

     My heart has broken but you are still there and

you will be safe no matter what………..

You have my shoulder to cry on,whenever you need

because am sitting beside you…………..

Unexpressed Love…….

loo I never believed in falling in love….until I met you…You appeared in my life like the sun shines……You are so very much like my “Mr.Perfect”…. I met you in an unusual manner….When I met you I didn’t have any idea that you will become so important to me… The more I spoke to you,the more I liked you…… One day I gathered courage to say that I love you,but I ended up saying that I like you…..And you said “just forget about me”, you said that because hopefully you understood my actual feelings….  I gave my brightest smile to hide my tears in its shine….. That smile did not fade away a bit,its still with me and it does its possibly best job among the crowd but alone when I stand,my smile is accompanied by a few drops of water,which has lost way…..You never asked but still I wanna say “Do not worry for me dear,am really doing good because you are here with me,as the reason behind my smile”…… 

-Arunima Ghosh……..

Started with a friend request and ended with a chat…….

I said: I started liking you

He said:Happens…..

I smiled….

He said:I hope you move on

I said: Move on!!!!!!

He said: Yup…just forget about me…

I smiled again and said: I am fine,don’t worry

He said: I hope you do…..

I said: I am fine even without forgetting about you…….

And he said nothing……

Change for good…….

hj  People say that you need not change yourself in order yo be loved by that special someone but what I personally feel is that change automatically comes to you when you start liking someone truly….. Well at this very moment I cannot prove my point of view but if you are badly in need of a proof then you need to wait for your special someone to come to your life and whirl their magic wand……..And yes,don’t lose patience cause your waiting time could be longer than you can imagine……..till then,enjoy your life………. 

The touch of thousand words……..

nj    I  woke up at 5 a.m on that day and was trying to make assumption regarding the new friends am gonna have,the new school,of which am gonna be a part of…… but could not concentrate my mind to brood over these topics as my mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of my old friends. It was tough to imagine my day to start without seeing their smiling faces and without being a part of their of their notorious and mischievous pranks and thoughts….. ……. As I was devouring into these thoughts,the wall clock took my attention,It was 8 a.m already…….I got ready within an hour to leave for the school. My mom accompanied me to the bus stand.I took the Buxara mini and bade a ‘tata’ to my mom…and was off to face a new world with unknown people.It was for the first time’I was somewhere all by myself..I was lucky enough to get a seat. I was so bewildered with my thoughts that I didn’t even notice my co-passenger,who was sitting beside me..All of a sudden I felt as I was being eyed by someone… I turned towards my co-passenger and I noticed she was a small girl with a huge head,a long face,bent fingers,crooked hands and very thin legs.Probably she was suffering from some abnormalities… The very next moment the girl lowered her eyes with a weird expression on her face,maybe,it was the outcome of the curious look,which I was casting on her. I tried to behave normally… I didn’t dare to look at her and was maintaining a distance in between us….I was pondering over the thought… “What if,she hits me!!!! And what if am unable to save myself?? OMG!!!!!!”
Suddenly,I felt a touch on my left hand,and guess what…….. it was my little co-passenger,this time she smiled at me… I smiled back at her. My fear was defeated by the little girl’s chastity(innocence). .The girl got down from the bus along with her father and waved me a good bye.. …The innocent smile and the touch the touch of her crooked fingers worked as a magic on me.I got rid of all the worries about stepping into the unknown world…..
This girl spoke thousands of words with a silent smile. Though we were together for only a few minutes yet I will always remember her…
-Arunima Ghosh