The thread……bond of love

I personally know many people those who have different opinions about the festive ” Raksha Bandhan”. We hear a lot of stories concerning its origin.Different communities have different stories to share But all of us will agree to this basic idea that we celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters on this day. Some people believe that when a sister ties the raksha dhaga on her brother’s wrist,then it becomes the brother’s duty to protect his sister.On the other hand,some people believe that a sister ties the raksha dhaga on her brother’s wrist and prays to the Almighty to keep her brother safe. Am writing this post to share a cute incident which will probably bring a smile on your face.

I went to my college (Charuchandra College) to celebrate the festive this year. It was really an awesome day spent at my college and to top it all, our seniors cooked for us and all of us had our lunch together. All most all the seniors (boys) were wearing dozens of raksha dhaga and they were actually feeling proud to have so many sisters.

It was near about 5:30 p.m,I was returning home from my college. On my way, I saw a little girl (approx: 9 years) and a little boy (approx:5 years), they were standing in front of a shop,where designed raksha dhaga were being sold. The first thing that I observed were,they were wearing torn and dirty clothes, the little boy had drainy nose,  it was also understandable that they were hungry. They were asking for money from the pedestrians,but none of the pedestrians paid any heed to them. To speak the truth, I wanted to buy something for them to eat. The little girl came forward and said ”O didi,5 taka debe?” (will you please give me five rupees?)… I couldn’t say,NO. I handed out to her a five rupees coin. She took the money, caught hold of  the little boy’s hand and went to the shopkeeper  and bought a raksha dhaga and tied it on the little boy’s wrist. Both of them were extremely happy even though they had nothing to gift one another except love. 

They smiled back at me and that smile was priceless…… 🙂 mk

                        thlptttttttttthe llilbbbbbbboy’


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