The touch of thousand words……..

nj    I  woke up at 5 a.m on that day and was trying to make assumption regarding the new friends am gonna have,the new school,of which am gonna be a part of…… but could not concentrate my mind to brood over these topics as my mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of my old friends. It was tough to imagine my day to start without seeing their smiling faces and without being a part of their of their notorious and mischievous pranks and thoughts….. ……. As I was devouring into these thoughts,the wall clock took my attention,It was 8 a.m already…….I got ready within an hour to leave for the school. My mom accompanied me to the bus stand.I took the Buxara mini and bade a ‘tata’ to my mom…and was off to face a new world with unknown people.It was for the first time’I was somewhere all by myself..I was lucky enough to get a seat. I was so bewildered with my thoughts that I didn’t even notice my co-passenger,who was sitting beside me..All of a sudden I felt as I was being eyed by someone… I turned towards my co-passenger and I noticed she was a small girl with a huge head,a long face,bent fingers,crooked hands and very thin legs.Probably she was suffering from some abnormalities… The very next moment the girl lowered her eyes with a weird expression on her face,maybe,it was the outcome of the curious look,which I was casting on her. I tried to behave normally… I didn’t dare to look at her and was maintaining a distance in between us….I was pondering over the thought… “What if,she hits me!!!! And what if am unable to save myself?? OMG!!!!!!”
Suddenly,I felt a touch on my left hand,and guess what…….. it was my little co-passenger,this time she smiled at me… I smiled back at her. My fear was defeated by the little girl’s chastity(innocence). .The girl got down from the bus along with her father and waved me a good bye.. …The innocent smile and the touch the touch of her crooked fingers worked as a magic on me.I got rid of all the worries about stepping into the unknown world…..
This girl spoke thousands of words with a silent smile. Though we were together for only a few minutes yet I will always remember her…
-Arunima Ghosh


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