Unexpressed Love…….

loo I never believed in falling in love….until I met you…You appeared in my life like the sun shines……You are so very much like my “Mr.Perfect”…. I met you in an unusual manner….When I met you I didn’t have any idea that you will become so important to me… The more I spoke to you,the more I liked you…… One day I gathered courage to say that I love you,but I ended up saying that I like you…..And you said “just forget about me”, you said that because hopefully you understood my actual feelings….  I gave my brightest smile to hide my tears in its shine….. That smile did not fade away a bit,its still with me and it does its possibly best job among the crowd but alone when I stand,my smile is accompanied by a few drops of water,which has lost way…..You never asked but still I wanna say “Do not worry for me dear,am really doing good because you are here with me,as the reason behind my smile”…… 

-Arunima Ghosh……..


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