The Selfless Love

   love  We celebrate Valentine’s Day with great pomp but somewhere among the gifts,roses and teddies we tend to forget the 

actual meaning of love. Am not a philosopher but a student of high-school,and according to me love is actually very simple but

we give it touch of complication with our complicated thoughts,and blame the Love God for being blind and curse him for aiming

at us. A cute smile is enough that a couple can gift each other, I don’t think anything more is required for the people in love.

We make love seem very materialistic by spending a lot of money on buying gifts, but instead of spending money,we should

spend time with each other. Gifts won’t last longer but the time spent together will last forever. Love is simple,let it be as it is,

don’t try to make it look gorgeous with the help of your fake promises.  

And yes…. Love cannot be bought with money….. 


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